Music for Managers

Aimlessly sauntering down the aisle at Landmark, my eye was arrested by a peculiar audio CD title – “MUSIC THERAPY for Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Peptic Ulcers”. I was impressed. Therapeutic properties have, of course, been imputed to music for centuries. But I always thought it was a more generic, mood-uplifting effect which would contribute to a better and more optimistic frame of mind, leading to quicker healing. What I did not expect was a specific prescription, like, Take two aspirin and the Blue Danube after breakfast…

I thumbed through the stack, wondering what other dread diseases had fallen victim to the power of music. Let me see – “Music Therapy for Thyroid Disorders”, “Music Therapy for High Blood Pressure and Atherosclerosis”, “Music Therapy for Managers”, “Music Therapy for Arthritis”…

I grinned. Being a member of the Manager species myself, I was rather pleased at being categorized with top quality chronic diseases, rather than your minor annoyances like The Sniffles. On an impulse, I compared the track list for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the one for Managers. They were identical.

Well. No surprises here. You always knew your manager was full of it.


One response to “Music for Managers

  1. Ah well… if it means anything to you, you’re one of the best Managers I worked with (even though it was only a couple of months officially).

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